COPS Vienna –
Team-Event 2023


COPS Vienna – Team-Event 2023

Anyone planning an outdoor event in the Alpine region at the beginning of October always has bad weather clothing in their luggage. For this year's COPS Team Event around the Wechsel region in southern Lower Austria on Friday, 6 October 2023, the weather forecast was so definite that nobody had even packed an umbrella, warm or rainproof clothing. However, there was a zest for action, joy in fellowship and the best of spirits, which were to come to full fruition in the warm and sunny autumn weather.

After arriving together by bus, the day began with group exercises in the Motor Skills Park in the Wexl Arena in St. Corona. After a short warm-up, the group went over many tricky courses, where it quickly became clear that all the obstacles could only be overcome well and safely in a team. After the lunch break, things got racy, and the participants could test their nerves with rides on the summer toboggan run. After a few downhill runs, the group continued to the hostel, which had an impressive cattle farm as well as an electric bull ride. Here it became apparent how firmly one or the other brave person sits in the saddle.

Team-Event 2023 – Hostel and cattle farm

After dinner, despite physical fatigue, we laughed and played together until late into the night and toasted to a completely successful day.

On Saturday, after breakfast, they took the bus back to the Vienna office, where they arrived again shortly before noon. All participants were willing to use their free time beyond their normal working hours to be there. The overall good mood showed that no one regretted it.